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We believe sorghum is one of the future crops with great culinary potential.

This tasty gluten-free and protein-rich grain is climate-smart, which means it can handle extreme weather conditions (droughts, floods) and restores the soil.

That's why we're growing Dutch sorghum with farmers this year and we're looking for food professionals to put this unique ingredient on the menu and in their products.

Would you like to take part in our 2024 Sorghum Collective?

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Did you know that only 8 crops provide 75% of the world’s calorie intake? So little diversity means we’re vulnerable - from our fields that are susceptible to pests and diseases, to our bodies that don’t get all the nutrients they need.

With Springtail, we want to introduce a wider variety of grains, legumes and seeds in the food system. Bringing in more of these soil-restoring crops has many benefits: they simulate life, increase biodiversity, and help to manage issues around water and nitrogen. On top, they increase the resilience of our food supply - a key point while moving towards an uncertain future.

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We want to contribute to more diversity on our fields and on our plates. That's why we work with innovative food professionals on one hand and caring farmers on the other. Together, we promote and develop healthy food for people - made from a variety of diverse grains, such as sorghum.

The more market demand there is for alternative grains, the more farmers will be motivated to diversify their grains and the better it is for our soils. Greater diversity on agricultural fields helps to build healthy soils - as diversity above ground can create diversity below ground. Also: eating a wider variety of grains is much better for our gut than eating processed wheat flour.

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Diverse grains, why?

A wider diversity of alternative grains makes meals more interesting! Their flavours are more outspoken and they're - dare we say it - healthier as they're usually not industrially processed like our 'standard wheat'.

The grains we work with are unique yet versatile. Take for example:

- a tasty bread mix from locally grown ancient wheat varieties

- custom-made pasta from Dutch grains

- 100% gluten-free sorghum pasta

- sorghum cereal

- pop sorghum

Looking for inspiration or for a specific product? We're happy to help!


Unlocking the potential of sorghum and other diverse grains
through insights and product development

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Long-term partnerships are central to our mission, we believe that regeneration is done together.

We work with farmers, food entrepreneurs, chefs and restaurants, processors, scientists, government institutions, schools and more